Thursday, May 24, 2007

Months pass on...

So months pass by so quickly. Has it really been this long since I have posted?

Update: We have created some new things at Liberty Bell Spirit Squad.
  1. We transitioned our old Silver Squad to Belles. This is the new name for the competitive arm of Liberty Bell Spirit Squad.
  2. Silver Squad is now a stepping stone between or regular, weekly classes and Belles. This is for those girls who have been with Liberty Bell Spirit Squad for at least two sessions and who would like some extra credit or who are interested in refining their skills so they can tryout for Belles.

I am very excited about this change.

Our Belles squad is improving by leaps and bounds. We are preparing for camp this summer as well as beginning our competition routine for this season. Our first competition will be in December. So we are getting ready! I am so proud of those girls and their hard work. Coach Rosie does such a wonderful job I am very grateful for her.


Coach Kindra