Sunday, August 12, 2007


Our Belles squad returned from NCA camp last weekend. I could not be more proud of that group of young ladies. Each person grew as a cheerleader, as a squad member and as an individual. Coach Rosie and I learned a lot as coaches too. It was so beneficial.

We were able to take video of the girls on their first day and then each subsequent day until final evaluations. The progress they made as a team was so apparent and exceeded my expectations. We were the youngest group there and we had to really give 100% - and they did.

We established two technical goals as a squad for improvement and we achieved both of them. We established as a squad that we would be an example to the rest of the teams in attitude and we were. We established as a squad that we would not complain and we did not. Every parent of every one of the Belles would have been so proud of the way their child conducted herself over the four days.

It was a triumph! GREAT JOB ladies!

-Coach Kindra