Monday, December 22, 2008

These snowy days

Seattle has been blessed with a record snowfall over the last several days. This is a heavenly gift for me. It reminds me of home.

I awoke this morning to find my two youngest boys sleeping on the living room floor, dart guns and light sabers littered around them. I assume they were looking to sleep near the Christmas tree. As I adjusted their blankets and added an additional layer to keep them toasty (and sleeping), I stepped on an action figure and tried to keep a wimper from escaping my lips. I nearly fell onto one of the boys and instead performed some accidental acrobatics worthy of Cirque.

I gingerly pulled myself to a standing position and smiled gratefully. I love raising boys. There will come a day when I will never have to pick up an action figure, toy gun or stinky tennis shoe. I will miss the hubbub and chaos of these days. I have faith that my boys will grow into amazing men - conquerors, mighty heroes of this day, faithful husbands and fathers.

Thank you Father for these days.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Do you Bee-lieve?

This is the text that was included inside a bumble bee back-pack charm I made for my cheerleaders and girls in my Bible study group:

According to the law of aerodynamics a bumble bee cannot fly. Its body is too heavy in proportion to its wings. The bumble bee does not know that it is not supposed to be able to fly, and so it goes ahead and flies anyway.

You are capable of AMAZING things because you were created for greatness. Do not listen when people say it cannot be done. You are courageous, beautiful and powerful!
Psalm 139:14, Romans 8:37, Ephesians 2:10

I am posting it here because I know there are many of us grown women who need to hear it too.

Have a very Merry Christmas. May you enjoy the abundance of God's peace and grace as you spend time with friends and family this season.