Thursday, July 24, 2008


Transition. Change. Inevitable.

Recently our Belles Junior and Youth squads voted on new captains for the 08-09 season. We have been served so well by our original captains, Lisa and Kali, since our inception THREE YEARS ago. We felt it was time for other Belles to have a chance at captain and to allow Kali and Lisa a break from the added responsibility. They voted... so wisely. We have four new captains to take over the reigns: Mckenna, Alesha, Catherine and Marissa. I know these four young ladies will serve their squads well and I look forward to this season working with them. The best part about this transition, because it would be easier for the coaches if the existing captains remained, was the response of Kali and Lisa. They were given the task of notifying the new captains of their positions. They were so proud to do this. I was so proud of them. We have such great girls on our squad.

My husband is currently in a transitional phase professionally. It is requiring that we reinvent our relationship and our homelife. It isn't comfortable or easy. Part of growing together. All for the better, but still change.

Then, just last night one of my very best friends got engaged! I am so happy for her and so excited for her future with her new husband. I know it is God's will for them. Hooray! However, as happens when every woman marries, her friendships with her female friends will experience transition.

I make myself absorb changes of all kinds. It isn't always comfortable. I walked around last evening for a little too long while it was a little too dark. I donned my sneakers and stepped off my front porch determined to convince God that these changes, er transitions were not necessary right now. Just like wishing for summer to linger and autumn to delay, this was futile!

As I walked, prayed and listened I felt the comfort and peace of God. The transitions in my life are necessary just as the flow of water is necessary to keep bodies of water from becoming swamps. How self-centered I am sometimes seeing everything from my me-glasses. My Father God reminded me that I am bigger than that.

I woke this morning a little sore - I must have been walking aggressively! I am so thankful for the transitions in my life. They are part of the process that keeps me from being stagnant and stinky.