Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smiling in My Own Mirror

I was reading a book this morning, Yesterday, I Cried by Iyanla Vanzant. There is a passion that stirred me and warrants printing here:

"I had forgotten to celebrate my strength and my victories. I thought that would be selfish... I had never thanked my Self for all that I had gotten me through... I know there are far too many people suffering alone from experiences that are common to us all. Experiences that we have come through with flying colors but are ashamed to talk about and afraid to celebrate. After all, what would people think should we be caught smiling in our own mirror?"

Hmmm. What a unique way to view life, isn't it? I can certainly celebrate for surviving some things in my past. We all can, right? Have I characterized self celebration as arrogance? Probably. I want to look myself in the mirror each day and smile, not because I am so great, but because with God all things are possible. He has used the broken places in my life for His glory. What the enemy meant for destruction, God has used for good.

I can hold the hand of a young, single mother and know that she needs a babysitter for Saturday morning so she can go to the grocery store alone, some extra cash and a new pair of sassy shoes. I don't have to ask. I can comfort the broken hearts of divorcees. I can pray without asking for some of these needs because I have been there. I understand the needs of parents with high energy children. I can see the value in children who talk too much and move too frequently. It isn't an issue because I HAVE BEEN THERE!