Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mini Is Born!

Once again, we are growing and branching out! Liberty Bell Spirit Squad introduces MINI - cheerleading classes for the preschooler. We are so excited to start this "mini" Liberty Bell program. The classes will be fast-paced and fun; right in step with the preschool attention span. Our coaches will travel to area preschools to teach this cheerleading class to 3-5 year olds during their current preschool day.


Shannon said...

Hey, anything in Federal Way yet? Did you know that Morgan made the junior high cheer squad? She loves it! Are you coming back to Wordshop? I missed you the week Jesse was out of town and last week I wasn't there. Hope you can come back! Miss ya!

Kindra Beauprey said...

Thanks Shannon! Federal Way is coming!

That Morgan - she's an expert at anything she tries.