Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When I am old

I have decided that my relationships are too important to allow pride issues to interfere with them. For example, we are blessed people but we live in an average home. It was built in the late eighties and still has its original flooring, kitchen and baths. The original owner didn't opt for quality when selecting the finishes either. We have three boys that live with us - you get the picture, right? It could stand to be updated and in some cases overhauled. This year instead of worrying about our old carpet or plastic-wood trim, I am going to enjoy my friends and serve them as guests in my home. [OK, so if you know me you know that I don't wait on guests, you are only a guest for about 10 minutes and then you should just kick off your shoes and open up the fridge yourself!]

So my friends, I will be sending many dinner party invites this year. Please don't look at the soiled carpets, the smudged walls, the knife marks in the linoleum [yes they are knife marks - don't ask] or ask what the funny smell is in the upstairs bathroom [no amount of bleach or scrubbing will make it go away]. Come in, kick off your shoes, grab a Diet Pepsi from the fridge, eat some of my semi-homemade hoover-doovers, be prepared to compete in a card game or share some funny stories.

Likewise do the same - don't hold back. You aren't too busy. Invite, attend, we all have some wisdom, acceptance, love or humor to share. God didn't place us on this earth to be islands right?

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