Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wake-up call

It was a hint that things on my plate are starting to overflow onto the table...

Early in the morning, I rushed out to my car, with enough time to allow it to warm-up and defrost while I apply my make-up in the visor mirror. I was looking forward to my day as I had spent the previous day in bed ill (been years since I have been ill). I was leaving early, ready to attack my day. I inserted my keys into the inigtion, turned on the defrost and then began applying my make-up.

A few moments later my windshield was clear and my face ready for the office. I spent the next 10 minutes looking for my car keys - in my purse, around my lap, the scary place between the seats, even back inside to check the kitchen counter. I returned to my car, which was still running, to discover - YOU GUESSED IT - that my keys were right where I put them, in the ignition.

Embarrassed, I looked around to be sure that none of my neighbors were outside. As if they could know what I as doing while my car was running.

So, I have too many thoughts going through my brain right now. Whatever, I will deal with that as soon as I can...later.


joyzeemom said...

LOL...I LOVE it!! I can relate..I LOVE it...when I am looking ALL around for my cell phone...and can't find it ANYWHERE!!! Then, I realize, I am ON it!! Using it...talking to one of my sisters!!! UGH!!! Is it old age...lack of sleep...or TOO much running through my brain??? I think ALL of it....tied up into one nice little package!! I always think God is "laughing" down at that "moment of insanity" is saying.. "Be Still and KNOW..that I AM God!!"

Kindra Beauprey said...

So glad there are awesome moms out there who feel the same. :)