Monday, July 02, 2007

Clue from the Princes

I recently watched Matt Lauer interview Prince William and Prince Harry. I was amazed at the poise and grace of these two young men so much that I needed to share my observations here, with my lucky readers. :)

Obviously William and Harry have been groomed since birth to become world leaders. They have not been denied any desire or need. However, probably due to their mother's influence, they are grounded and aware of the lack in others' lives. It occurred to me that as a parent I need to instill within my own young sons a sense of princehood - a devine purpose for which they were created.

My own children are not denied their needs: food, shelter, etc. For which, I am grateful. However, I wonder how many of their desires, spoken or unspoken, are not met due to a lack of resources on my part.

My brother and I were raised by a single parent. She provided for us the best she could. Our needs were always met, but most "extra's" were not a possibility for us. I never felt worried about our finances, or lack thereof. But I knew not to ask for certain things - name brands, expensive new fad toys, etc. I didn't feel bad, I just never ASKED. I was probably trying to be a "good little girl" and not ask. However, I want to reprogram myself and thus my own kids to realize that we are not limited by our opportunities, but by our ability to create opportunities.

BELIEVE BIG! There is nothing impossible for you because God is ultimately your source - not your parents, not your race, not your geography. Ask God for the desires of your heart and He will grant them to you. We hear this in church and read it in the Bible, but do we live it? In all honesty, I do not always.

Prince William and Harry are not limited by resources for "things". They have influence in the world to assist them in achieving their calling, too. They are not superior or "chosen", they were born into it. Does difficulty, for those of us not of royal birth, make us stop? "Oh, it will be too hard." Is that the unopenable door for you?

I, for one, am not going to allow my perceived lack or inadequacy to dictate my influence, purpose and success. My dreams are what lies in my heart, not what I think I can easily do. How about you?

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