Sunday, July 22, 2007

Why Liberty Bells?

So, I have been asked by many people why I chose the name Liberty Bell Spirit Squad. It is a story from LONG ago! At the end of junior high school, my entire friend base went to another high school - Heritage High School. I went to another local high school - Littleton High School. Most of my friends tried out and made the cheerleading squad at Heritage and I at Littleton. I moved on, made new friends, and have lost touch with my old friends at Heritage. But I always envied the cheerleading program at Heritage. Their mascot was an eagle, but their pom squad, who I envied so much, was called the Belles. So - somehow I put that all together and thought up Liberty Bell Spirit Squad.

That's it - the ugly truth, it was envy. :)

I am sure that Heritage, although not my high school, still has a great cheerleading and pom program.

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Shannon said...

kendra, please send me that picture of you and morgan! thanks xoxo it was so good to see you :) your girls did great!