Wednesday, May 21, 2008

They Know Me

This past Sunday I was setting up a post church luncheon for our youth bible study group. I needed to carry a large amount of food from the refrigerator to the eating area and asked a staff member to borrow a cart from her supply area. She looked me in the eyes and said very seriously, "Do you promise you are not going to put any kids on there for a game?" I laughed and promised and went along my way. Well, she must know me.

Then, as I was walking with the cart through the hallways of the children's area I saw looks of concern from some parents and excited expectation from their kids. I guess maybe, they know me. I had to chuckle because maybe once or twice I have been known to have some over-the-top games during my Kids Church lessons. BUT, I guess I wasn't aware that there might be some stigma attached. Ha - kidding. I have to say that I like things on the wild side and I guess they know me.

Funny that the same day during my small group bible study I shared with the young ladies about Psalm 139 - God knows you and all your ways, even before you were born, even the bad stuff. He still loves you - even if you are a little on the wild side like me. He REALLY KNOWS YOU.

Be blessed!

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