Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Day - March 15th

This past Saturday our cheerleading classes participated in the Seattle St. Patrick's Day Parade (link to picture). It was great fun and unlike last year, IT DIDN'T RAIN! We are so blessed to have a great coaching staff and wonderful parent volunteers to help us pull off a very safe parade experience for our little cheerleaders.

It makes me chuckle to think back to our first year at the St. Pat's parade when we had 8 actual cheerleaders and 12 of my dance team pretending to be cheerleaders to give us some volume! I was the only coach and I coerced my dear friends to walk with us and act like coaches too. Ha! My how times have changed.

Also on Saturday our Belles squad competed at the Galaxy Challenge Cheerleading Competition in Covington. I was unable to be there, but Coach Rosie informed me that this was their best performance yet. [maybe I should miss more of them?] What a great way to end a season full of victory! They took first in their division and earned almost 70 more points than the last time they performed in the same setting and division. WOW!

I can't wait to see what the Belles do next year - better watch out for us!


charlie's mom said...

We all were so proud of the girls that day. Steve wasn't there either and said maybe he should miss more of her comps, too. LOL. Thanks for all you do, Kindra. I'm looking forward to next season!!!

Kindra Beauprey said...

Thanks for signing up so that I can have one devoted reader! Ha!