Monday, September 29, 2008


I am currently working my way through the book of John in the Bible. In the past, I have stayed away from this book because it was confusing to me, but I must be in a different place personally because I am so encouraged by it lately.

Anyway, I was at my favorite Starbucks this morning reading and came across the story in chapter 9 where Jesus encounters a man who was born blind. In the process of healing him, Jesus spits into the dirt on the ground and makes some mud (um, odd to anyone else?). He takes this mud and rubs in onto the man's eyes. Then, he instructs the man to go wash in a pool. The man returns home to his family able to see for the first time in his life. A miracle, awesome right?

However, as you read on you find that the Pharisees badgered this once-blind man regarding his relationship with Jesus and his "sins" before he was healed. Eventually this leads to the Pharisees throwing him out of the city. Now, here is the really cool part. In verse 35 the Bible says that Jesus heard of this and came back to find him. JESUS CAME TO FIND HIM after hearing of his calamity. I remember the spit-mud on the eyes part of this Bible story from memory, many of us probably do. I don't ever recall reading the latter section of the story. Jesus heard he was struggling then came personally and affirmed his faith (verse 38).

This week ends a season of calamity for my family. I am so grateful for being delivered out of it. However, I can recount throughout this season Jesus affirming me that He was right by my side. "I am here, you are not alone, do not fear..." Just like this blind man, Jesus didn't ignore my struggle, he just affirmed my faith. He is so faithful.

Be encouraged and blessed!

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